Club Organization

BMECC Mission and Objectives


President: David Bailey

Vice President: Jerry Haimowitz

Treasurer: Carolyn Mohn

Secretary: Gordon Araujo


Term Ending 4/5/2023

Term Ending 4/2/2025

Committee Chairs

Partner Organization Representatives & Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail Advisory Committee

Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership Committee (MARPC)

Keystone Trails Association (KTA)

Pa. Appalachian Trail Advisory Committee

Executive Committee

The executive committee shall consist of the officers, the board of directors of the Association and the chairmen of all committees. The executive committee shall have responsibility for all the assets of the Association, and it shall be their duty to ensure that such assets are not misappropriated. It shall further be the responsibility of the executive committee to transact such business as may be appropriate or necessary between meetings of the membership.