Maintenance Projects

Become a Trail Maintainer with BMECC

In order to be covered by the National Park Service (NPS) Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA), trail maintainers need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Service Agreement form (adults only) and select Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club as the Group Name

    • If using paper Form OF301a, please use the following instructions, for individual or group sign-up.

    • If signing up as a minor, parental/guardian consent signatures are required.

  2. Complete the Volunteer Protocols during COVID-19 form (scroll down page) and select Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club

Once these steps are completed, volunteers receive benefits when working on approved tasks in an approved manner. Volunteers will follow the appropriate Job Hazard Analysis for the work being performed.

Volunteer Hours Reporting

BMECC has implemented a process for recording volunteer hours for the ATC, KTA, and the club itself. Members have two options for recording volunteer hours, either online recording or paper recording.

This link will direct you to a document to be used for paper recording of volunteer hours. Print this document for a copy of the both data form as well as the instructions for filling out the data form. Print in landscape orientation.

The instructions page of this document also describes how to request access to the online data recording process.

Safety and Training Resources

COVID-19 Policies for Volunteers working on the Appalachian Trail