Guidelines for Hikers

  • Advise the leader if you leave the group for any reason.

  • Never disturb plants or animals.

  • Leave your pets at home.

  • Carry all trash back out with you. If you pack it in, pack it out.

  • Do not smoke.

  • Be responsible for your children.

  • Cross roads in a group.

  • When walking on roads, keep on the left side in single file.

  • Stay behind the leader.

Guidelines for Leaders

  • Keep the completed sign-in sheet with you during your hike.

  • Be sure you or someone else on your hike has a cell phone in case of emergency.

  • Stay in front and have a co-leader at the rear and keep within sight as often as possible.

  • Be familiar with the hike route and parking arrangements.

  • Take a head count before, during, and after the hike.

  • Be prompt, start on time.

  • Carry a whistle.

  • Call nature breaks during the hike.

  • Call attention to points of interest when appropriate.

  • Have maps or directions prepared for drivers, if necessary.

Cautions and Disclaimers!

  • Be safe! Always wear blaze orange during hunting season.

  • Every attempt is made to assist and encourage hikers, but we cannot be responsible for the safety of them on the trail. Any rugged activity entails risk and we know each participant will rely on his own judgement and good sense to take care of himself. Know your limitations. Look after minors accompanying you. Children are welcome, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.