BMECC Membership

Join the BMECC Hiking Club Today!

The club relies on membership dues - in addition to donations - to make all these activities happen. We do not charge for any of of our activities and maintenance efforts. Our programs are available to everyone, regardless of income. For your convenience the club now accepts membership renewal payment on-line. The membership process will occur with the following steps:

Membership Types and Fees

To join BMECC as a new member or to renew your membership for the new year (memberships expire December 31 of each year):

Annual membership fees are:

Lifetime Membership fee: $300.00 (per individual)

Note: New members joining after June 30th, pay only one half the annual dues rate for the first year.

Offline Payment Option

Please fill out, print, and sign the BMECC Membership Form and mail it with a check to:

P. O. Box 14982
Reading, PA 19612

If you have any questions about membership not answered on this form, please email